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Offered products and services

Development and manufacturing of automatic machinery and assembly lines

The main focus of the company activity is the development and manufacturing of machinery and assembly lines. We are able to deliver “turnkey” machinery and assembly lines. Projects include construction work, electric, pneumatic or hydraulic system design. We perform manufacturing on our own, in case of special manufacture methods we cooperate with proven suppliers. Assembly, software equipment and activation are performed in our workshop; in case of large unit realizations directly at the customer’s premises.

Robotized workplaces

Robotic automation of constantly repeated manual activities or substitution of human work by robotic work in dangerous workplaces is a current trend. Böhm průmyslová automatizace s.r.o. is experienced in the realization of robotized workplaces. The development includes the design of adapters and tools for robot arms, also follow-up devices can be delivered, e.g. conveyor systems, assembly or manufacturing devices cooperating with the robot. The robotized workplaces are possible to be equipped by camera systems in order to increase their utility value.

Customized software

Each automation project includes the development and delivery of customized software created precisely for a particular task. We pay attention to the faultless cooperation of the new device software and the software of the devices that are already in operation at the customer when producing automated machines and assembly lines. That applies to robot software as well. Böhm průmyslová autmatizace s.r.o. offers programming of not only newly manufactured machines, but also the optimization or development of software for elder devices is in our portfolio – such adjustments modernize and increase the performance of machines and assembly lines in operation.

Service and modernization

Böhm průmyslová automatizace s.r.o. covers also service work. We offer warranty and post-warranty service of machines and assembly lines delivered by Böhm. If agreed, we can provide post-warranty service of machines and assembly lines produced by other manufacturers. In case of “general overhauls” of single-purpose machines the up-to-date automation field information is taken into account. Repaired devices gain better output, accuracy and other utilities.