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Welcome to the webpage of Böhm průmyslová automatizace

  The company Böhm průmyslová automatizace s.r.o focuses on the development and manufacturing of automatic assembly and testing devices for industrial production. We are able to deliver a complete solution based on customers´ requirements in the automatic production and testing area. We offer modernization and service of your devices, PLC and PC programming as well as manufacturing of machine components and fixtures

  The main area of our business activity currently is the construction and manufacturing of automatic assembly lines and testing devices controlled by PLCs such as Siemens, Beckhoff, Bosch Rexroth

  Further, we focus on robotic automation using mainly Stäubli robots.

  In the manufacturing area, we specialize in manufacturing of accurate components designed for the machines developed and produced by our company as well as construction and manufacturing of accurate components and exchangeable fixtures for machines that are already in operation based on our customers´ requirements.

Certifikát ISO

Company quality policy

The quality control system used by the company was implemented in 2018. The system complies with the ČSN EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.
The certification authority of our company is TAYLLORCOX s.r.o.

Principles of quality policy of Böhm průmyslová automatizace s.r.o.:

- Meet the requirements of our customers by applying the quality management system throughout the whole process of manufacturing of single-purpose devices according to the specifications assigned by our customers; supported by and cooperating with all of our employees.

- Our customer is our most important partner. Our aim is fulfilling requirements acceptable for our company.

- Comply with all requirements of legislation, valid standards, laws and regulations as well as all requirements our company have accepted to fulfil.

- Verify, evaluate and continue improving all company processes aiming in reaching their efficiency; minimize their risk and impact on environment, safety and protection in the working environment. Prioritize a preventive attitude in order to deal with negative effects.

- The base of the quality of the service provided by our company resides in qualified personnel. Due to continuous training, educating and keeping our employees´ professional competence, we can contribute to the awareness of the quality responsibility, safety and environmental protection while realizing the object of our business.

- Pre-empt possible emergencies or situations resulting in the negative effect on the environment or our employees´ health by consistent prevention.